Metadot, a team which puts quality and Customer first

Our Identity

​​The world wide web revolution made us significantly change over the years, but we remained the same. Here are some notions we focus on:

Quality Before Quantity

Even if we are a small team, all of our products are designed with great expertise. We invest time and energy into creating top notch products and service.

Ignite Human Potential

Here at Metadot, we believe in every company and every individual. Our products aim to support productivity and organization to help make even your most challenging goals, possible.

Communication Is Key

We aim to provide high quality service with transparency. This means open communication throughout the process. From building strong relations with our suppliers, to delivering top-notch products to our customers - communication remains a driving force of our company.

Constantly Improving

We are constantly seeking new ways to improve our product and stay on the cutting edge of technology. We don't strive to just complete our goals. We strive to create a new, innovative way of thinking that dominates the industry.

Our core values

From creating processes to decision-making and recruiting, we build our five core values into nearly every single thing we do.

  • The Best People:

    We recognize the value in allowing people a chance to grow.

  • The Best Products:

    Our products aren’t afraid to be the overachievers that they are.

  • The Best Customers:

    From professional end-users, to uber geeks, our customers do their research, and seek our products to bring their productivity to the next level.

  • Premium Materials: In hardware, quality starts with our product components:
    • Gold-plated key switches
    • N-key rollover on all keyboards
    • Aluminum construction details
    • Extra long USB cable
  • Durable construction:

    Our products aren’t afraid to be the overachievers that they are.

  • Superior Experience:

    Every element of each product is taken into consideration - we’ve held full staff meetings to test the precise feel, sound, and reactivity of a single keystroke until we are all completely satisfied.

  • Cultivate Personal Growth:
    • We create a work/life balance to provide the harmony that allows our employees to thrive.
    • We understand that it can be hard to dedicate time outside of work for personal wellness, so we have brought classes such as yoga, tai chi, and dance to our employees within office hours.
  • Cultivate Professional Growth:
    • Our goal is to help our employees enrich their skill sets in a way that will help them not just within our company, but throughout their professional careers.
  • Cultivate Friendship:
    • We inspire each other, and nurture a positive work environment that congratulates each other’s hard work.
    • Company-wide events allow us to celebrate company and individual milestones & achievements.

    Fearlessly Pushing the Limits with Products that Inspire:

  • We created a new market with a blank keyboard.
  • We added a magnetic ruler as a keyboard foot bar.
  • We added an over-sized volume knob to our keyboards.
  • We were the first company (that we know of) to add a 3.0 USB hub to our keyboards.
  • We continue to innovate and create products that inspire.

    Metadot employees do what it takes to ensure our products continue to be unstoppable forces to be reckoned with...

  • Sometimes this means we work late.
  • Sometimes this means we take work home.
  • We work hard, but we also know how to party.

How do we work

We are a team of individuals, spread out across the world. Our diversity is our greatest strength. Despite the miles between us, we come together in one remote environment to create top-tier products and a new approach to an entirely virtual organization. We do this through the use of our own softwares Bamzooka and Mojo Helpdesk.

Our history

Here are some of our key moments and milestones throughout the history of Metadot...

  • Remote working switching 2020
    With the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, Metadot made the transition to an entirely remote organization. With updated structures, new forms of communication and the official introduction of the Metaman: Metadot’s official manual.
  • Bamzooka Creation 2019
    Bamzooka was released in Morocco. Bamzooka helps document processes, organize work and improve quality of everything our teams do.
  • Creation of Mojo Helpdesk 2011
    Mojo Helpdesk was invented to fill a need from the Das Keyboard company, to help improve the after sale service.
  • First edition of UTC 2010
    UTC or Ultimate Typing Championship is a competition organised by Metadot promoting typing over the world. The first edition knew an absolute craze on youtube.
  • Das Keyboard S Model 2009
    Das Keyboard launches the Model S with upgraded electronics, laser-etched keys and full n-key rollover. The Model S also debuts the Professional Model S Tactile Soft keyboard featuring Cherry MX brown key switches which gives a quieter typing experience for those in environments where the blue switch is too loud.
  • Creation of Das Keyboard 2005
    Das Keyboard announces the launch of its first keyboard: a completely blank keyboard designed specifically for "über geeks." The keyboard features individually weighted keys. Praised by many prominent sources such as the New York Times for its quality and originality.
  • Creation of Metadot 2000
    Founded by Daniel Guermeur, this was the beginning of a successful company that would grow globally, producing impressive products by talented individuals.